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Since the advent of cryptocurrencies in 2009, digital assets have literally burst into our lives. At the moment, there are more than 20 thousand cryptocurrencies, which means that we have more than 20 thousand opportunities to trade them through numerous marketplaces and exchanges.
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Crownsic's investing offers

Explore our investment plans to understand what we can offer you and how much you will earn by cooperating with us.


  • 2.0%

    Period: daily for 100 days Deposit included $50 - $25000


  • 4.5%

    Period: daily for 30 days Deposit included $100 - $1500


  • 5%

    Period: daily for 30 days Deposit included $1501 - $5000


  • 6%

    Period: daily for 30 days Deposit included $5001 - $1000000

Risk-Free solutions

The high volatility of cryptocurrencies provides huge opportunities for earning. We earn in both falling and rising markets. And more than 20 thousand existing cryptocurrencies give us almost unlimited opportunities for earning, significantly reducing our risks.

Affiliate program

Precise and economically feasible decisions of the affiliate program.

Our company provides you with the opportunity to have additional active income on two levels deep of referral structures using our affiliate program.

Regular line

Stable profit
5%1 line 2%2 line 1%3 line

Enlarged line

Increasing profitability
0.5%4 line 0.5%5 line 0.5%6 line

Affiliate program

Reliable and profitable partner solutions are the basis of well-being and financial stability of each investor, who has the desire to make more money by inviting new players and investors in the company.
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Want to start earning with affiliate program?

All you need to do is register and start inviting people. You will find your affiliate link in your personal account.

The start of working with us is a step towards financial success

Cryptocurrencies are actively developing and provide huge opportunities. Take advantage of these opportunities and earn with us.

10% of the world's population already has cryptocurrencies and earns on them. The number of users of digital assets is only growing every day. Earn money on the most dynamic and fastest growing cryptocurrency market.

How to start?

There is nothing easier than making a profit with our company. There are only 4 simple steps to financial well-being.


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Choose a payment system, follow further instructions and make a money transfer.


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Every day, dividends are credited to your account in your personal account, which you can easily withdraw.


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Tell your friends about Crownsic and get additional affiliate rewards.

Why people choose us?

Explore our strengths that differentiate us from our competitors.

Safety of your data

You can be calm about your data safety – the company securely keeps the confidentiality of each client’s information.

Daily charges

24 hours later after the entrance of the deposit the first profit will be instantly enlisted on your personal account.

Professional traders team

We guarantee to provide the declared income for each investor. Every promise backed by real business.
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Сrowns International Club LTD

We are a socially registered company operating in the market. → Download document (81,4Kb *.pdf) → Check the company

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Official registration

Carefully study our registration documents before making a decision to invest. Your investment is in safe hands.

Create a team and get gifts

For active users who actively promote our project, useful gifts are provided. Please read the terms and conditions carefully. * the gift is valid only for partners from the first line.
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    $90.00 USD
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